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Our expert team of scientist is working continuously to analyze the research around Covid-19 as it evolves. Know that we are here for you and are striving to provide you with up-to-date, actionable insights to help maintain your health and well-being during these uncertain times.


the World’s First Home Wellness Intelligence platform that aims to improve human health, wellbeing and performance.


Available now through Simonds Homes and Lateral Estate – with more partners to come!

Did you know…

Your indoor environment can influence almost every aspect of your life including your health, your moods, how well you sleep, how productive you can be and much more?

The Air In Your Home

The air indoors can be up to five times worse than the air outdoors.

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The Light In Your Home

The quality and quantity of light you receive throughout the day can have a direct impact on your health and quality of sleep.

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The Water In Your Home

Despite appearing clean, water can be contaminated by a range of pollutants.

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The Sleep Environment

There are many environmental elements that can impact our body’s ability to naturally synchronise sleep and wake cycles.

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DARWIN calibrates your home to provide natural solutions for improved living environments.

DARWIN communicates key information about the status of your home and enables control over curated wellness experiences.


  • Wellness Experience Activation
  • Temperature Control
  • Individual Device Control


  • Outdoor Air Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Outdoor Weather
  • Current Wellness Active Elements

DARWIN sets the rhythm of your day.

During the night, you can sleep peacefully knowing that DARWIN has created a sleep experience designed to manage disturbances and provide a wellness sleep environment.

Come morning, the Dawn Simulation transforms your bedroom into a natural oasis by mimicking the rising sun, gradually increasing room temperature and immersing you in the sounds of nature, helping your mind and body awaken.

DARWIN makes the invisible threats visible.

Many airborne contaminants are not visible to the naked eye. DARWIN monitors your home’s air quality to detect pollutant spikes so that it can act quickly to purify the air exactly when you need it.

Whole Home Indoor Air Quality Score: View a comprehensive score on the amount of pollutants in your home.

Room Specific Indoor Air Quality Index: Monitor individual rooms to see differences in air quality.

Pollutant Definitions: Learn about the types of pollutants present in your home.

DARWIN Experiences inject wellness into your daily routine.

DARWIN’s research based experiences are pre-programmed into the home. These experiences create conditions conducive for specific wellness outcomes depending on your needs.

Control DARWIN from the palm of your hand.

The DARWIN mobile app gives you the freedom you need to move about your home.

“All homes are meant to protect. At Delos, we believe that homes are also meant to restore.”

Paul Scialla
Paul Scialla, CEO, Delos

“Delos has spent years collaborating with doctors and researchers to design strategies that are a curated offering, based on extensive medical evidence, that provide optimal conditions for health and well-being.”


“New knowledge shows that by building healthier indoor environments, we can actually preserve and enhance health and quality of life.”

Brent Bauer, MD
Brent Bauer, MD, Medical Director, Well Living Lab