About Delos

Our mission is to improve human health and wellbeing by creating buildings that are developed with people’s health and wellness at the centre of design.

Health Centred Design

Healthy habits start at home.

Health is the foundation of a balanced life. At Delos, we are committed to helping create a healthier home for you. By fusing science with architecture and design, we are creating a new way of living. We design solutions that infuse wellness into every moment of your day, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

The Brain

Delos breaks conventional models of home design by thinking of your home as more than four walls and a roof—but as a dynamic catalyst to improve health and wellbeing. We brought together a diverse team of experts to innovate home wellness solutions.

Our uniqueness is our strength

The Science

The DNA of Delos

At Delos, we take a science driven approach in everything we do. Our in-house experts in health sciences, behavioural science, and building science combine their knowledge to understand how indoor environments impact us. We then provide research-based solutions and recommendations designed to enhance human health, wellbeing, and comfort in the indoor environment.

Our Scientific Approach

  • Scientific Research

    Understanding the fundamental impact of the indoor environments on health & wellbeing.

  • Scientific Evaluation

    Identifying environmental and behavioral risk factors specific to the project.

  • Scientific Solutions

    Providing optimal solutions to improve health and wellbeing through design and technology.